P E R C H O 6, rue Ancienne 1227 CAROUGE-GENÈVE CH +41 (0)79 759 48 26 
peintures - cartes - objets 

Horaires habituels pour rencontrer l'artiste dans son arcade-atelier
mardi - jeudi - vendredi: 14h00-18h00 samedi : 10h00 -17h00 
 infos horaires pour les changements, 
présence à l'arcade: ouvert-fermé-pandémie-fêtes de Pâques...

Original designs of hand made and limited-edition cards, 
objects & original paintings, drawing, ink... made in PERCHO!  
To meet the artist: 
Opening hours : Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 14.00 -18.00 Saturday: 10.00 -17.00  
Times may vary during schoolholidays. 
Also open on the four Sundays before Christmas 
PERCHO © all rights are reserved - do not use the pictures - respect artist work